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Critical Metals for Europe. Our mission is to produce zero carbon high purity products in the nordic region to create a sustainable future for all. Our focus is on producing nickel, cobalt and lithium sulphates and vanadium pentoxide. Click here to access the latest presentation

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Huomenta! Olemme Helsingissä 21.-22.3., #Pori´ssa 23.-24.3. ja #Vaasa´ssa 25.3. esittelemässä korkean puhtausasteen… - Link

@hjv555 Critical Metals odottaa ja seuraa mitä $HNR julkaisee ensi viikolla ASX-alustalla! - Link

The development of innovative materials such as #vanadium-based materials could contribute to the creation of minia… - Link

Vanadium is deemed a critical raw material by the #EU for making fuel cells and hydrogen storage technologies. We… - Link

Did you know? Vanadium is one of the most relevant critical raw materials for metal-based 3D Printing. We continu… - Link

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