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Critical Metals for Europe. Our mission is to produce zero carbon high purity products in the nordic region to create a sustainable future for all. Our focus is on producing nickel, cobalt and lithium sulphates and vanadium pentoxide. Click here to access the latest presentation

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The largest use of vanadium is in reinforced steel bar. We aim to recover zero carbon high purity vanadium from st… - Link

Artists impression of vanadium project and slag/SSM stock piles at Tahkoluoto Port in Pori, Finland. #vanadium… - Link

VRFB to be trialled as part of fast charging solution for EVs. - Link

Critical Metals responsibility starts with transporting vanadium bearing slag to the quay and shipping it to Pori,… - Link

Spotlight on our vanadium supply chain. The slag will be transported to Tahkoluoto Port in Pori, Finland. The port… - Link

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