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Critical Metals for Europe. Our mission is to produce zero carbon high purity products in the nordic region to create a sustainable future for all. Our focus is on producing nickel, cobalt and lithium sulphates and vanadium pentoxide. Click here to access the latest presentation

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Vanadium is added to steels to give high strength & creep resistance at temps above 550ºC. Examples include chromi… - Link

"Vanadium ensures the low density, high strength and ability to maintain strength at high operating temperatures es… - Link

Faktaa #vanadiini´sta: Aiomme kasvattaa #Eurooppa roolia vanadiinin toimitusketjussa ottamalla #Pori´ssa talteen ko… - Link

Here are some facts about vanadium that you might find interesting... We aim to increase #Europe's role in the… - Link

"Vanadium microalloyed high strength rebar is a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for reinforced concrete… - Link

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