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Critical Metals plans to establish a commercial lithium ion battery (LiB) recycling facility in the Nordic region. The location for the facility will be decided in conjunction with the Company's partners. 

The Company has been granted an exclusive license to use LiB recycling technology being developed by Neometals.

The license provides Critical Metals with the sole and exclusive rights to commercialise the technology in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The technology enables the recovery of high purity metals from end of life LiBs. The process is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Nordic countries are well placed to support a sustainable LiB recycling facility due to their proud recycling culture and deeply entrenched recycling systems. Reducing waste, recycling and the circular economy is supported by EU legislation which requires companies to have end of life solutions for their products.

The planned LiB recycling facility will provide a service to all Nordic waste collectives, manufacturers, importers, distributers and users of consumer, commercial and industrial LiB.

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