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Critical Metals for Europe. Our mission is to produce zero carbon high purity products in the nordic region to create a sustainable future for all. Our focus is on producing nickel, cobalt and lithium sulphates and vanadium pentoxide. Click here to access the latest presentation

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Battery recycling becoming an issue already with some major recalls bringing forward demand for solutions earlier t… https://t.co/kJePdDkdHj - Link

Storage to play a major role in the European - and global - energy transition. #Vanadium #vrfb https://t.co/fFwhmWJn1X - Link

Critical Metals will be making a presentation to the #Tesla Owners Club on it's Zero Carbon High Purity Vanadium re… https://t.co/5utxF1sGhY - Link

RT @Hannans_Ltd: Proposed @neometalsltd battery recycling technology for the Nordics. The recovery of lithium as a sulphate will enable it… - Link

This virtual press conference by Primobius is absolutely fantastic. If you want to know the future of lithium-ion b… https://t.co/T6WVkLtrOH - Link

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