Paljasjärvi (Fe) Project

Paljasjärvi is located 80km north-east of Kiruna, outside Natura 2000 conservation areas and has the potential to be a large, long-life (+25 year) project.

The feature is interpreted to be 3.5km long and 30m thick and is the 2nd most intense magnetic feature in northern Sweden behind Kiirunavaara which hosts the 2Bt Kiruna iron mine owned by LKAB.

Magnetite skarn mineralisation was confirmed by historic drilling in 1963 (6 holes) and modern metallurgical testwork (DTR) on the historic core confirmed the ore upgrades to +69% Fe (tests went up to 72% Fe) with low Si, Al, and P.

Work plans are being prepared to enable the first modern exploration drilling program to take place.

Social, environmental, infrastructure, marketing, processing, mining and exploration related investigations are all at early stages.